About Us

Suir Engineering: Your Future Proofing Partner

Suir Engineering is a leading provider of electrical and mechanical installation services, delivering tailored cutting-edge solutions for projects throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and other locations across the globe.

With over 30 years of experience in fulfilling the needs of clients across a diverse range of sectors, including commercial, medical and health, manufacturing and industrial, science, technology and utilities, we are well equipped to address the engineering problems of modern industry.

As part of the Imtech UK and Ireland Group, which carries out an excess of €400 million worth of activities annually and has over 2,500 directly employed staff, we have the scope and scale to adapt and meet any challenges our existing and prospective customers can bring forward.

The keystone of our business is our people: our design, engineering and service staff not only define our past but represent our future success. We strive to develop a business in which individual team members are valued, encouraged to embrace personal responsibility and grow to meet the demands of both our business and that of our customers.

Training, development and continual adaptation to the realities of contemporary engineering, business and markets are all a fundamental aspect of our ethos. Above all, we aim to set high standards for quality, safety and affordability.

We are a business that listens to our clients’ needs and strives to understand their precise requirements and expectations. Our motto is: “succeed by delivering a better experience” and we take that very seriously.

At the core of all of our practices are the twin principles of operational excellence and ceaseless innovation. Therefore, we continually review our operations and process to account for new challenges, opportunities and technological developments. It is our mission to provide products and services that stand the test of time; coming as close to the ideal of ‘future proof’ as possible.

We pride ourselves on remaining approachable to our clients as well as in being open to close collaboration, allowing us to understand what drives them, their industry, market and consumers.

Through the employment of LEAN principles and the utilisation of BIM methods we accomplish exceptional results for our clients, whether it be by maximising value, increased efficiency or the reduction of waste in accordance with stringent environmental standards.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our team, our clients and our industry, both now and in the future.

To see what Suir Engineering’s dedicated and experienced team can deliver for your business, contact us today.