Our Vision

Our vision is to “Succeed by Delivering a Better Experience” . We aim to make Suir Engineering Ireland’s leading engineering firm by securing and continually building on the dedication, loyalty and strength of our staff, clients and partners.

Rising to the Challenge

In this industry, success cannot be secured through words and ambitious ideas alone. We know that to fulfil our vision, we will have to continue to provide measurable results on every level of our operations and must to overcome any challenges that may come our way. Our growth and sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation or through the single-minded pursuit of our ambitions alone; it can only be achieved by doing our part in fulfilling the goals of our team members, clients and the communities in which we work.

Establishing Client Partnerships

We aim to establish lasting relationships with our clients and earn our place as their contractor of choice through the delivery of superior electrical and mechanical engineering services.

The majority of our business comes from existing clients, so whether we are working on projects in Ireland or abroad, we try to learn as much about their operations and unique requirements as possible. To aid us in this, we prefer to view our clients as partners and approach their projects, plans and goals as an extension of our own objectives. We understand that by helping their business thrive, we are also securing Suir Engineering’s future vitality.

We continue to invest significant time, effort and resources in developing smarter, more effective and more economical solutions. By embracing technological innovations, leading industry standards and lean engineering practices, we can pass on significant savings, both in time and cost, to our clients.

Building the Perfect Team

We are and will continue to be a direct hire business. Direct hire practices give us the capacity to train and outfit our people in order to be able to achieve results in even the most complex of undertakings. It also provides our clients with greater certainty that their projects will be fulfilled to the standards of quality and reliability associated with the Suir Engineering name. By investing energy into building and training experienced in-house teams, we not only gain greater control over the movement of resources from project to project, but can play an active role in helping our team members achieve their personal career goals. We believe that dedicated and invested staff produce better results – every time.

An eye on the Future

We believe that great engineering should not only stand the test of time, but that it should also reflect the contemporary priorities and necessities of the wider world. This belief drives us to continually seek out technologies and practices that allow us to better safeguard the sustainability of our company, our planet and its resources. We hope to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the communities in which we work, whether through our involvement in the development of local infrastructure or through charitable outreach.

By remaining adaptable, responsive and up-to date with market developments, we will be able to ensure that we are always well equipped to meet the expectations of our team, our clients and our industry.