Suir Engineering: A Reputation for Quality

Do you want safeguards to ensure that your engineering partner is providing quality work and true value-for-money services?

Knowing that an engineering firm not only has an established record of delivering quality solutions, but is also backed up by international accreditations and comprehensive quality control structures makes all the difference.

Suir Engineering is an IS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited company with over three decades in the business. We have gotten to where we are because we value our customers and strive at all times to set new standards for quality and reliability. Through years of continuous refinement of our process and methods we have established a quality management system which provides a dependable framework for measuring and improving all aspects of our performance.

As the engineering partner of choice for industry leaders from across a broad range of sectors, we understand the value in securing our client’s loyalty through the delivery of impeccable quality and substantial results.

A significant portion of quality control revolves around people; the depth of training, know-how and capacity for self-improvement of individual team members. It is in this field that we excel, because as a direct hire business, our staff are hand-picked and inducted through in-house mentoring programmes that establish high standards of competency. We don’t consider this a once-off but strongly encourage all of our employees to take advantage of our advanced off-site training facilities in order to stay ahead of the latest industry defining standards, technologies and practices.
To ensure adherence to company standards, our internal standard operating procedures (SOP) are reviewed at regular intervals and revised versions are made available to employees via Microsoft Share Point.

We have carefully designed our quality control process to address every phase of the life-cycle of our services and products. From daily monitoring of installation practices for compliance and the screening of suppliers to the collation and integration of customer feedback, we work hard to ensure that we continue to deliver not but our very best.

For more information on just how Suir Engineering’s rigorous quality control processes can deliver excellent value and satisfaction on your next project, do not hesitate to contact our representatives.

View our Policy Statement here:

IMS-01 Suir Engineering IMS Policy Statement