Data Centres

Your Mechanical & Electrical Installations Partner for Future Proof Data Centres

Are you looking for an accomplished lean engineering partner who understands and can meet your data centre needs?

With the world population booming, the increasing democratisation of internet capable devices and the rising popularity of cloud computing, traffic volumes will only increase, creating unprecedented demands for data storage.

At Suir Engineering, we understand that we are living in an increasingly data driven and data dependant world. Ireland, as the European base for many global internet giants, is home to some of the most cutting-edge data centres in the world. Yet the volume of data and the pace of technological development shows no signs of slowing down.

For our clients, keeping operating costs down and ensuring the sustainability of their data centres are paramount in converting these challenges into opportunities. In a more carbon conscious world, our clients are also seeking to find the balance between optimising energy efficiency and their continued growth.

Having delivered expert mechanical and electrical installation solutions for industry leaders, we can assist you in alleviating these concerns.

Our experienced teams are equipped to carry out specialist services in compliance with industry leading standards. We can assist you in the planning, design and construction of critical infrastructure for your data centre, ensuring that your project achieves Uptime Institute Accredited certification.
Our services include the planning, implementation and testing of:

  • ASHREA compliant HVAC systems
  • Full electrical and telecommunications wiring solutions
  • Substations and HV/MV transformers
  • UPS systems and generators
  • Complete lighting solutions
  • Advanced fire safety systems
  • High Purity Piping & PVDF Systems
  • Polypropylene Piping & Venting Systems
  • Air Cooling Systems
  • Domestic Water Services
  • Soils & Waste Services
  • Roof Extractor Fans

Thanks to decades of experience in planning and fulfilling our clients’ engineering needs, we are equipped to ensure your data centre’s efficiency stays second to none.
Contact Suir Engineering today to see how we can help you establish data centres that scale flawlessly with demand.