Off Site Fabrication / Modular Build

Do you feel that your next project could benefit from the application of advanced pre-fabrication and modular build technologies?

The need to accommodate all construction activities, equipment and material stockpiles on site can make for busy, congested and inefficient jobsites – especially for larger projects. In such an environment, managing works and allocating sufficient staff, resources and time to several concurrent tasks can prove extremely demanding.

Even the smallest miscalculation can result in costly delays, scheduling conflicts or even increased risks to site personnel.

Thankfully, through the utilisation of BIM design, modern manufacturing capabilities and modular construction, many of these pitfalls can be avoided outright, offering measurable improvements in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of even the most complex of projects.

Suir Engineering & Modular Construction

With more than 35 years of electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, Suir Engineering are ideally positioned to provide you with coordinated off-site fabrication solutions that make full use of advanced 3D modelling and modular-construction techniques.

Our experienced in-house design, production, quality-control and installation staff will ensure that all modules fabricated in our manufacturing facility adhere to your exact specifications and are completed and installed on schedule.

By creating a detailed BIM model of your build and feeding it with on-site intelligence, we are not only able to identify every area of your project that could benefit from the application of modular-build solutions, but we can also generate integrated models for individual elements. Our virtualisation capabilities allow us to verify that our modules are compatible with existing on-site infrastructure and enable us to actively involve you in the design process, guaranteeing that our prefabricated components meet your precise needs.

After all designs have been finalised, we can begin the production of mechanical, HVAC and electrical modules in our state-of-the-art workshop. Fabricating these modules in our self-contained facility yields several significant benefits, including allowing us to carry out rigorous QA/QC testing before deployment, ensuring that nothing leaves the production line unless it is ready to be installed.

The ability to simultaneously continue works on and off-site and ready modules for installation independently of local weather conditions also provides significant time savings. Furthermore, modular construction can reduce on-site staging requirements, from scaffolding to material stockpiles and amenities that would usually be required by construction personnel. These benefits scale with the size of the project, as they are particularly effective in large and complex builds, like medical or commercial facilities which are comprised of several identical layouts.

This integrated approach to BIM design and pre-fabrication allows us to streamline building processes and reduce site activity, improving safety and substantially cutting down on the hours required to complete a project.

To discover how Suir Engineering’s advanced pre-fabrication and modular-building capabilities can deliver productivity gains for your projects, talk to us today.