Pre & Final Commissioning

Pre & Final Commissioning Services

Do you want to ensure the longest possible lifespan and operational security for your newly installed electrical and mechanical systems?

If you have made significant investments in improvements or additions to your built environment, you need to be able to guarantee that your critical hardware has been installed properly, in accordance with safety protocols, industry standards and with sufficient emphasis on maximising energy efficiency and sustainability.

Preliminary inspections and comprehensive testing are vital in avoiding the hazards and setbacks associated with defective equipment, insufficiently trained operators and improper calibration. Commissioning services can also provide documentation and evidence for warranty claims, allowing you to ensure manufacturer compliance and avoid costly, unnecessary out-of-warranty repairs or replacements.

Suir Engineering has a long track record in delivering high-quality engineering solutions for projects with exacting and precise requirements, serving world leaders in a wide array of competitive industries. Our skilled designers and engineers pride themselves on their ability to deliver front-running quality, safety and efficiency under the most rigorous conditions and to the strictest deadlines.

This makes us supremely qualified to take charge of pre and final commission services for your facilities and their mission critical elements. We not only apply an exhaustive quality control and optimisation process to all of our own builds; we also offer third-party services to provide you with independent verification for work carried out by other firms.

Here are some of the essential commissioning services we can provide you with:

  • Drafting and implementation of quality assurance plans
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Electrical and Mechanical engineering inspections
  • Training and instruction for equipment operators
  • Ensuring compliance with LEED and other sustainability guidelines
  • Energy and efficiency optimisation

The peace of mind gained through the careful application of pre and final commissioning services is truly priceless.

Get in touch with our operators to see how Suir Engineering can help you safeguard your most precious resources.