Turnkey HV & MV EPC Projects

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable engineering partner to deliver your mission critical HV & MV projects?

Current market trends in the energy sector are defined by the conjunction of rising costs, growing consumer demand and expectations, as well as geo-political instabilities that have altered the balance of international markets. Increased global environmental awareness has placed the onus on energy providers to ensure that their supply mechanisms embrace cutting-edge technologies and processes that maximise the efficiency and sustainability of their networks.

Maintaining the delicate equilibrium between these disparate factors is key in securing the profitability and success of your utility projects. Being able to rely on an engineering partner who offers a truly integrated approach to the fulfilment of energy & utility projects, from design and consultation all the way through to procurement, installation and final commissioning, makes meeting these challenges far more manageable.

Through more than 30 years of delivering electrical engineering solutions to established clients in the energy and utilities sector, Suir Engineering has developed a comprehensive approach to planning, design and construction that maximises value and optimises the utilisation of resources, time and capital.

We understand that you want the best of both worlds: an experienced and self-reliant engineering partner that also promotes close client collaboration and joint decision making. In order to meet those expectations, we aim to provide you with precision tailored solutions and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vital project is in competent hands.

Our award winning safety standards, reputation for the effective application of risk management strategies and adept service teams will provide you with additional assurance that your project is secured against costly interruptions to the flow of power.

We have an established record in the delivery of full turnkey Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) projects in the energy and utilities sector, including extensive experience in renewables. Over the years we have worked together with our clients in Ireland and the UK on state-of-the-art thermal, wind and energy-from-waste plants, from initial design consultation to testing and final commissioning.

Our broad range of turnkey energy & utility services include:

  • All civil design and construction associated with HV & MV cabling
  • Design and construction of Eirgrid/ESB spec substations
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning transformer bays
  • Procurement and installation of HV & MV Switchgear
  • Design, procurement, installation and testing of earthing systems
  • Full management of HV & MV projects, including liaising with local authorities
  • Implementation of environmental, health and safety management solutions
  • Comprehensive PSCS management services for all electrical works

As a business that values repeat custom and lasting relationships with our clients, we are committed to the provision of sustainable engineering services that deliver quality solutions and value well beyond the handover of your project.

Let us know how we can help you fulfil your turnkey HV&MV project through the application of tried-and-tested EPC procedures.