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Corporate and
Social Responsibility

Here at Suir Engineering, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to our clients, employees, partners, the wider community and also our planet’s environment. In order to meet these responsibilities and take our place as a positive influence on our surroundings, we strive to ensure that ethical conduct and the principles of corporate integrity underscore our operations at all times.

As an engineering firm that operates across Ireland, the UK, Europe and abroad, we must carefully consider the impact our presence has on the sites we operate on and do our best to ensure that our work is beneficial rather than detrimental to the surrounding communities.

Solar panels in a field with a mountainous backdrop

Our Environmental Responsibility

We believe in the responsible stewardship of our environment and wherever possible choose and promote options that are less wasteful, more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have held ISO 14001 accreditation since 2011 and have designed our environmental management system to accurately reflect the dynamics of contemporary ecological concerns.

In our efforts to adopt sustainable and efficient design, we have invested significant resources into training our workforce to be able to deliver solutions that comply with stringent sustainability standards like BREEAM and LEED. Not only do we view these standards as a means to fulfil our greater social responsibility, but we firmly believe that these standards also offer substantial benefits to our customers; both in terms of reducing costs and ensuring that their projects are fully compliant with the most rigorous industry regulations.

Our engineering teams are also trained and equipped to deliver electrical and mechanical systems that comply with specialised sustainable technology standards, including energy-efficient HVAC systems that meet ASHRAE certification criteria.

We are enthusiastic about innovative technologies that contribute to the efficiency of our business and our customers’ businesses while helping reduce waste, power usage and the unnecessary consumption of natural resources. Through the use of virtualisation technologies like BIM, we are able to do exactly that, giving our clients the opportunity to simulate their build to completion before breaking ground. This not only helps our clients pre-empt issues that would usually only arise during construction, but also serves as a vital tool to assess the environmental impact of a build.

On a more localised scale, we are firm believers in recycling. We provide separate recycling bins across our sites, offices, kitchens and other facilities and take special care to ensure that components like ink cartridges, circuit boards and other electronic equipment are properly recycled. Whenever possible we also use reusable and rechargeable technologies that help reduce unnecessary waste.

Our in-office strategies target the reduction of paper waste by encouraging employees to follow sustainable printing practices as well as by using digital documents whenever possible. Remaining paper waste is disposed of in easily accessible paper recycling bins.

Suir Engineering has also pledged to deliver on actions to make Ireland more pollinator-friendly along with our partner’s Host in Ireland and a number of members from the Data Centre industry. To make a difference with the DCS FOR BEES POLLINATOR PLAN, we pledge to take long-term action and provide guidance on how to make a big impact within our organisation and beyond. We believe that together we can make a daily difference in combating the extinction of bees and empower people with the tools they need to disperse knowledge about bees and biodiversity.

Renewable Energy

As an engineering firm that has extensive experience in the energy and utility sector, we have been privileged enough to work on major renewable energy projects, including large-scale wind farms in several locations across Ireland. We support efforts by the Irish government and the EU to promote renewable energy solutions and support innovative environmental technologies across the energy sector. Whenever possible we also supplement our own use of conventional energy sources with renewable sources.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Suir Engineering believes in operational transparency and the close monitoring of greenhouse gases and other emissions connected to our operations. By gathering and publishing this information on a regular basis, we are able to maintain oversight and fulfil our obligations in complying with national and international legislation and environmental standards. Through the practical application of Lean philosophies we aim to streamline build logistics in order to eliminate unnecessary trips to and from jobsites.

Our Employees

At Suir Engineering, we place a great deal of value on our employees. We prioritise direct hire practices and make it our mission to contribute to our employees’ development every step of the way. By encouraging and supporting our staff in the pursuit for certifications, as well as through the provision of specialised training facilities, we are able take an active role in helping them advance their career. We firmly believe that our business is only as good as our employees. Their skills and products define our reputation and their individual successes contribute to our overall success.

Our Commitment To Diversity

We are an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity. We do not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, disabilities or religious background. We seek out, recognize and nurture talent wherever we find it. Our company culture seeks to accommodate the needs of all of its employees in order to help them maximise their potential. It is our firm belief that diversity lends our business resilience, adaptability and provides us with the necessary skills and ideas that we need in order to thrive in a competitive global market.