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Reamore 110/38kV Substation/Knocknagoum Wind Farm

Client Knockagoum Wind Farm Ltd

Consultant Wind Prospect Ireland Ltd

Start Date May 2012

Finish Date February 2014

Project Description

Knocknagoum Wind Farm consists of two wind farms in two separate areas; Knocknagoum and Maghanknockane. The substation for the wind farm is located at Reamore, approximately five kilometers from Knocknagoum and Maghanknockane.
The wind farm (WF) consists of 15 Vestas V90 3MW wind turbine generators (WTGs) with 9 in the Knocknagoum area and 6 WTGs in Maghanknockane. Knocknagoum and Maghanknockane are connected to the substation by 20kV underground cable which is stepped up to the 38kV system via a 38kV/20kV transformer located at the WF Knocknagoum substation. Knocknagoum 38kV substation is grid connected via the Reamore 110/38kV substation, which consists of a 9 cubicle GIS 38kV switchgear, 2 63MVA 38/110kV step up transformers, 2 AIS 110kV transformer bays, 1 AIS 110kV live bay and all associated control and protection, all designed and constructed under a contestable EBOP contract.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • All electrical work between grid interface point in the Reanmore ESB Substation and the termination points of the WTG.
  • Coordinated with the Utility Company, the Turbine Supplier and the Employer as necessary to ensure the works were designed and installed to meet all applicable requirements for system integrity, safety and operability.
  • Managed, engineered, procured, constructed and commissioned all the civil & electrical works for the project.