Project Description

This project involved the investment by MSD in their Carlow site to secure the production of the biologic and vaccine pipeline for two of it’s major products in Keytrunda and Gardasil 9. The aim of this project is to support the MSD productions capacity for Keytrunda and Gardasil 9 by building a state of the art facility that mimics the current Carlow 1 in size, layout and capacity to leverage the current knowledge from the current site operation. 

The Carlow 2 project consisted of several buildings:

  •  Production Building
  • Spine Corridor Expansion 
  • Dedicated Clean Utility Building 
  • Black Utility Expansion 
  • Warehouse Expansion  

The scope also included changes to the existing Carlow 1 

  •  Reduction of existing warehouse ambient storage area to provide new QC and MRO area 
  • Extension of existing Grade C Kitting area 
  • Tie in an extension of existing electrical rooms (LV & MV)
  • Installation of chiller and cooling tower in existing CUB

Suir Engineering Scope of Work 

Suir Engineering’s electrical & instrumentation scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  •  Electrical Equipment Installation
  • MV Switchgear (Free Issue)
  • LV Unit Substations (Free Issue)
  • Generator, Step Up, Transformer & NEW (Free Issue)
  • Step Up Transformer for Existing Generator (Free Issue)
  • Main Distribution Panels
  • UPS Panels , Distribution Boards & Equipment 
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Direct On Line (DOL) Enclosures 
  • Final Distribution Boards 
  • Active Harmonic Filtering Systems 
  • Photovoltaic Systems 
  • MV, LV Power and Control Cabling Infrastructure 
  • Cable Containment Systems 
  • General Services and Small Power Systems 
  •  Process and HVAC / Mechanical Services Power Supplies
  • Normal & Emergency Lighting Systems 
  • iLighting Controls System
  • Fire Alarm System 
  • Gas Detection System 
  • Security Access Control & CCTV Systems 
  • BMS DUP’s
  • BMS Cabling 
  • Earthing and Equipotential Bonding Systems 
  • Lighting Protection Systems 
  • Energy Monitoring Systems 
  • Testing & Commissioning of all Systems 
  • Handover Documentation and Systems Demonstrations

WuXi Biologics

Project Description

 WuXi Biologics invested €325 Million on a new Biologics facility in Dundalk, Co. Louth. This 54,232sqm biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility on a 20.74-hectare greenfield site is set to become the world’s largest single-use biologics manufacturing facility. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will feature single-use bioreactors for commercial biomanufacturing, as well as next-generation processing technology.  It will be the first WuXi Biologics manufacturing facility outside of China and is expected to help accelerate biologics development in Europe. The site in Dundalk, Co Louth aims to provide 400+ jobs in the community.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s were responsible for the temporary electrical package, design assist and the Electrical & Instrumentation Package.
The Scope of Work comprises design assist, supply, installation and testing and selected commissioning of the following.
  • PAS system including equipment, containment and associated wiring, RV of free issue instrumentation, sub-assembly of equipment skids.
  • Misc. Systems – Disabled Toilet System, Disabled Refuge System, Heat Tracing.
  • Life Safety Systems (natural gas, Co2, LEL, oxygen depletion)
  • Equipment Installation, Free Issues and Contractor Procured. 
  • Contractor / Vendor Co-ordination. 
  • LV Distribution – Normal, Emergency, UPS. 
  • Lighting Systems – Normal, Emergency. 
  •  Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Voice, Data Security. 
  • Public Address.  
  • Access Control. 
  • Earthing Systems – Normal, Clean.  
  • Containment. 
  • BAS System. 

Takeda (Formerly Shire)

Group photo of the Suir team at the Takeda project

Project Description

 A new biologics manufacturing facility in Piercetown, Co. Meath for Takeda (formerly Shire) consisting of a Manufacturing Facility incorporating both Central Utility Building and Production building, Combined Laboratory, Administrative and Cafeteria Building and Warehouse. Site Security Building and Fire water pump house, Drum Store, Waste Management / Storage, ESB/Takeda MV Building and External Electrical Tank Farm Building.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • MV Distribution & Cabling Installation
  • LV Main Distribution & Cabling Installation
  • Underground Cable Installation
  • Cable Ladder Rack & Tray Systems
  • Conduit & Trunking Systems
  • Electrical Equipment Installation
  • Busbar Connections
  • 400V Standby Diesel Generators
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Installation
  • 400V UPS System
  • 400V Panelboards
  • Motor Control Centres
  • I&C Systems 
  • Electrical Scope for Building & Process Automation Systems
  • Electrical Scope for Cleanroom
  • Lighting System  
  • Emergency Lighting System 
  • General Service   
  • Fire Alarm Detection System & Voice Evacuation System
  • Life Safety Systems 
  • X Ray Detection System 
  • Lightening Protection 
  •  Security Systems 
  • Voice & Data
  • Earthing & Bonding 
  • Testing & Commissioning 

MSD Biotech Swords Facility Expansion

Project Description

MSD Swords facility was established in 1990 and now employs over 600 people. The main activities on site relate to the manufacture of a range of women’s health products specifically in the areas of fertility and contraception. The site has also been selected to manufacture a range of new products which are expected to be launched in the next 2 years.

The new MSD Biotech Dublin project will consist of the following buildings:

  • New Warehouse Building.
  • New QC Labs.
  • New Central Utilities Building (CUB) to be built within the footprint of the existing Production Building.
  • New BDS Building to be built within the footprint of the existing Material Handling Facility.
  • Admin Building (Existing Office and Canteen Building).
  • Ancillary buildings and areas such as MV Building, Waste Water Treatment etc.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering are responsible for the supply, install, test and commission of the following:
  • Medium Voltage Cabling
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Low Voltage Distribution
  • General Services & Power
  • Lighting and Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • CCTV System
  • Security & Access Control
  • Electrical Containment
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Lightning Protection
  • ESB Substation – Lighting Power & FA System supply installed into Substation
  • Enabling package
  • Strip out of existing services

BMS CUB, Warehousing & Site Wide Utilities

Project Description

Bristol-Myers Squibb in a global Biopharma company focused on it’s mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. BMS operates one of its two bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing sites in Ireland at Cruiserath. This existing facility is a flexible multifunctional, automated bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. In order to ensure adequate supply to the market of current & future products, BMS  decided to expand the manufacturing capabilities of its Biologics network at the Cruiserath site in Dublin.

Suir Engineering carried out the complete electrical installation to the following buildings:

  • A two storey Combined Utility Building 12 meters high, 3,508 sqm with 3 no. boiler stacks sized 25 meters high. Demolition of existing solvent tank farm/solvent recovery to support new build.
  • A single story extension to the existing Warehouse Building 14.9 meters height, 2,343 sqm including the demolition drum stores sized 1,520 sqm
  • A single story extension to the existing Electrical Building 8.3 metres high, sized 285 sqm and full upgrade of the site Power Distribution Network.
  • A single storey Security Building 5 Meters Jigh, 55sqm
  • Upgrade of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant and Waste Management
  • Site Wide MV Upgrade

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • MV Power Distribution System
  • Standby Power System
  • LV Power System
  • Variable Frequence Drivers (VFD)
  • Cable Containment Systems 
  • Earthing & Lighting Systems
  • Site Lighting
  • UPS Lighting
  • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
  • Audio Visual Systems
  •  Modifications to existing switchgear
  • Modifications to existing wastewater treatment
  • WasteWater Treatment 

Alexion BDS Facility

Project Description

 Alexion Pharmaceuticals has developed a new 13,100 sqm laboratories, office, packaging and warehouse facility on a 41 acre greenfield site at College Park in Blanchardstown, Dublin that serves as a Centre of Excellence for the Company’s Global Supply Chain and Quality operations in Ireland. It is the company’s first biologics manufacturing facility outside of the United Sates. 

Suir Engineering were responsible for surveying all relevant work areas, drawings, specifications, schedules, 3-D Models and any other documentation issued as part of the tender and construction package. It was the responsibility of the E&I Contractor to provide all materials necessary for each of the electrical systems to fulfil the client  requirements . Suir Engineering also co-ordinated with the Mechanical and Civil Contractors on a daily basis and completed daily work place planning meetings to resolve any clashes if applicable and agreed system of works, ie working from the top down.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work 

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below.

  • Power & General Services Installation
  • General & Emergency Lighting Installation
  • Earthing  & Bonding Installation
  • Cable Containment Installation
  • Electrical Equipment Schedule Installation
  • Security Installation
  • Fire Alarm Installation 
  • Information Systems Installation
  • Power Distribution & Mains Equipment Installation 
  • The purchasing of instruments 
  • Tubing, Wiring & Bench Testing



  • Assembly
  •  Pressure testing of process instrumentation tubing & piping 
  • Leak testing of instrument air tubing and piping 
  • Continuity Check
  • Cleaning
  • Quality Compliance
  • Loop Check Supports 
  • DeviceNet Certifications
  • ControlNet Certifications, and start-up assistance for all instrumentation and controls
  • Defining system borders, assembly of system packs, testing & commissioning 

Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility

Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication machine

Project Description

The Leixlip campus in Kildare  is home to a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility which produces latest generation silicon microprocessors that are at the heart of a variety of platforms and technology advancements which are essential to the way we learn, live and work today.

Suir Engineering has been working on this site carrying out electrical and mechanical services ranging in value from hundreds of thousands to muti million projects over the past 10 years. 

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s mechanical & electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Process Services provided to the Fabrication Facility
  • High Voltage Installations
  • Medium Voltage Installations
  • Our design is prepared by utilizing a BIM model, which generates a 3D view of all services associated with the facility, and then integrates it into a federated model of the complete building, ensuring all services throughout are fully co-ordinated. 

Pfizer Grangecastle

water for injection system inside Pfizer Grangecastle

Project Description

This is Pfizer’s (formerly Wyeth) latest investment in Ireland, €1.8 billion in a new biopharmaceutical campus located on a 90-acre site at the Grange Castle Business Park in South County Dublin. The new development is one of the largest integrated biopharmaceutical campuses in the worldand is the only facility in Europe to manufacture biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines within the same facility. 1,100 full time employees have been recruited by Pfizer to date at Grange Castke. 

Drug Product Three-storey secondary production packaging building (36,000m2 approx) 

Drug Substance Five-storey primary production building  (27,300m2 approx)

Suir Engineering has been on site since 2000 responsible for electrical installation works, which include HV & MV services, standby generator, UPS, general services, IT systems, security systems, protective services, mechanical wiring, testing & commissioning.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • All Cable Containment Systems and Supports
  • Building Main Incoming Transformers; M.V & L.V. Switchgear and Distribution
  • 5000/4000amp busduct; 1200/1000 amp busduct
  • Control & Instrument Cabling 
  • Spec Check on all Instruments
  • Fit all loose non Inline Instruments Circa 12,00C
  • Light Fittings & Power Outlets
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm Installations 
  • BMS Installation
  • Voice, Data & Security systems 

Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb building

Project Description

Suir Engineering carried out the electrical installation services for 112,000 sq ft of a new build on a 17-acre site adjacent to Bausch & Lomb’s current facility in Waterford Film Capacity (FCE). Area 8 is a 2-storey extension to the existing Bausch & Lomb Ireland facility which increases manufacturing capacity and includes a new production, packaging & laboratory facilities, offices & staff accommodation. The development also includes for new delivery facilities, loading docks and marshalling yards, with associated ancillary areas, storage and minor internal modifications. Also provided are a 3-storey plant room extension and roof top plant and proposed relocation of existing security office and new entrance gate. This building achieved LEED certification.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Power Distribution Services
  • Lighting Services
  • Fire Alarm Services 
  • Earthing, Bonding & Lightning Protection 
  • Voice and Data 
  • CCTV
  • Mechanical Plant Wiring 
  • Door Alarm, Intercom, Access Control and Door Hold Open Systems
  • Testing & Certification
  • Record Documentation / O&M Manuals
  • LEED Certification
  • Testing & Commissioning of all Areas.