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Suir Wellbeing Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Suir Wellbeing program which officially launched in early February. The aim of the initiative is to get our people connected, feeling strong and positive with simple actions you can do in your everyday life to feel good and function well. 

At Suir Engineering it’s about understanding that we all have mental health to take care of, and like our bodies, our mind sometimes needs encouragement and help from others.

Suir Wellbeing focuses on FIVE main themes including CONNECT, BE ACTIVE TAKE NOTICE, KEEP LEARNING and GIVE while also delivering a strong message to employee’s on our Employee Assistance Program.

We have seen a huge uptake from employee’s and have so far enjoyed  many events including; Wellbeing Webinars from Dr. Mark Rowe on living with vitality, CEO Regina Mangan on women working in construction and we have also organised a successful virtual 5k challenge  for Pieta House.

Our wellbeing committee will continue to deliver important messages and events to the Suir Engineering team while utilising social media and what’s app groups to spread their feel good initiatives.

If you would like to find out more about our program, please visit our dedicated Suir Wellbeing webpage here.

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