Learning & Development in Suir Engineering

Learning & Development in Suir Engineering

We are committed to providing learning and development opportunities to our colleagues by using cutting-edge resources like Cornerstone, an all-inclusive learning management system, and promoting professional development via additional training and career-related certifications. Our goal is for our colleagues to reach their maximum potential, advancing their expertise, making Suir Engineering a great place to work.

Cornerstone: Learning Management System

Cornerstone Learning Management System is a key component of our strategy, offering a wide range of courses from technical skills to leadership development. The platform enables our colleagues to tailor their profiles based on their specific learning needs and objectives. The availability of the latest online learning courses, events and knowledge sharing empowers our people to maximise their potential and equips them with the tools to keep pace with industry innovations

Internal Training Programmes

We promote a culture of knowledge sharing through our internal training programmes such as the Graduate Programme, Apprentice Training Programme, Transition Year Programme, and additional role-specific internal training workshops. These initiatives create opportunities for collaboration and mentoring, enhancing the learning experience whilst building a strong community within Suir Engineering.

Learning & Educational Assistance

We provide learning and educational support to all our colleagues to achieve their educational and career goals, by enabling them to access a wide range of further education opportunities with college institutions and recognised learning providers.

Impact on Workplace Culture

Prioritising learning and development cultivate a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence at Suir Engineering. Our colleagues feel more engaged and motivated, knowing the company invests in their professional development. This focus not only improves job satisfaction but also increases retention rates, as we value opportunities for advancement.

A well-trained workforce leads to better project outcomes and higher client satisfaction, reinforcing our reputation for quality and reliability.

Our investment in tools like Cornerstone, combined with our dedication to employee learning and development opportunities, creates a dynamic and supportive workplace, enhancing our colleague’s skills and career prospects whilst strengthening the company’s performance and reputation.

Suir Engineering Sponsors Waterford FC Boot Room

Suir Engineering Sponsors the Waterford FC Community Boot Room

Waterford FC in the Community and Suir Engineering are delighted to announce their
new partnership with the launch of ‘The Community Boot Room’. This joint venture aims
to help remove some barriers to participation in sport for young and old. Waterford FC in the Community are very aware through the work they do that there are times, for various reasons, that families may not be able to purchase a new pair of boots. There are times when boots that are too small, too big, or damaged need to be worn. As boots can be one of the more expensive items for sport, we have launched this to try and assist families when they need it. It will be based permanently in the RSC, our home ground. One thing we do ask is any donations are clean, and of good quality.

An important factor for both Suir Engineering & Waterford FC was to have the Boot Room as a community initiative, rather than just an internal one where you had to be a member of WFC or one of our supporter groups. This is to provide boots to people who need them no matter what sport they play. The next step is to build a selection of boots and we are open to donations of new or used boots from individuals, sports clubs, schools, or businesses. We have already started collections with various groups. If anyone requires any further information about the Community Boot Room, or would like to donate or organize a collection they can contact Colin Power @ colin.power@waterfordfc.ie. You can also drop  boots into our Club Shop, where we will gratefully accept boots – both new and used.

Speaking on the launch of the Boot Room, Waterford FC Head of Community Colin Power spoke about how important the Boot Room is to have:

This is a very significant partnership with Waterford FC in the Community & Suir Engineering to launch The Community Boot Room. It’s a massive vote of confidence for what Waterford FC are trying to achieve in the community having a large long established company like Suir Engineering supporting us in this initiative. I would like to thank Paddy Byrne and all at Suir Engineering for their help and cooperation over the last few months. Although this is not a new concept, I think the fact that we are making it available to all families that need it, no matter what sport they play means it is a genuine Community initiative.”

John Kelly (CEO of Suir Engineering) was delighted to partner with Waterford FC in the Community Boot Room, commenting: 

“At Suir Engineering, we firmly believe that sports participation should be accessible to all, transcending any barriers. The Community Boot Room initiative, in partnership with Waterford FC in the Community, aligns with our commitment to physical and mental well-being. This initiative not only empowers individuals but also strengthens the fabric of our community, promoting a sense of unity. By ensuring that boots reach those in need, regardless of their chosen sport or affiliation, collectively, we drive positive change.”

For further information, please contact: Colin Power, Waterford FC, colin.power@waterfordfc.ie   or email Suir Marketing: marketingteam@suireng.ie

Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Celebrating 40 years in Business

We celebrate 40 years since Suir Engineering was founded in Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny on 27th March 1984. Here’s to many more years of partnership and excellence! 

Following our 40th Anniversary, we’d like to honour the man who started it all, Suir Engineering’s founder Noel Doyle. Noel sadly passed twenty-seven years ago on March 28th and has been fondly remembered in regard to Suir’s Anniversary.
Thinking of his family and friends today, we hope that Noel would be proud of the growth & success of Suir Engineering.

Suir Engineering are the official sponsor of Waterford GAA’s county teams in both hurling and football.

waterford gaa

Suir Engineering announces sponsorship of Waterford GAA

Waterford, Ireland – 01 March 2024 – Suir Engineering was today confirmed as the official sponsor of Waterford GAA’s county teams in both hurling and football. The new county jersey, along with all leisurewear will carry the Suir Engineering logo, as part of a three year deal to sponsor both codes at Senior, U20’s and Minor grades. Headquartered in Waterford, Suir Engineering is one of the country’s leading engineering services providers. Established in 1984 and celebrating 40 years in business this year, the company employs more than 1,500 people.

Brendan Moley, Chief Operations Officer at Suir Engineering said: “With such a strong presence and legacy in Waterford and indeed right across the south-east, this is a particularly significant sponsorship for the business. Gaelic games are in the DNA of our company; many of our team members are active GAA players, supporters and volunteers and Suir Engineering has a long history of both GAA and wider community support.

“There are many synergies between Suir Engineering and Waterford GAA, which makes this exciting partnership a formidable one, and we are very much looking forward to working together for the mutual benefit of both organisations. “While we are a large business with a global footprint, our local roots are hugely important to us and we recognise the crucial role that sport plays and the value it
brings to our community and county.”

“As we celebrate 40 years in business this sponsorship is a further reason for celebration. We wish the County Board, management and players of Waterford’s hurling and football teams the very best of luck for the incoming season, where we hope there will be even more cause for celebration.”

Waterford Chairman, Sean Micheal O’Regan, said, “We in Waterford GAA are delighted to have a company like Suir Engineering as our new team sponsors. They are an outstanding and successful Waterford based International Company and we are so proud to have them as our Title Sponsor and look forward to a strong and successful partnership into the future.”

Suir Engineering Ltd, with Corporate Head Quarters in Cleaboy Business Park, Waterford is a leading provider of innovative Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and High Voltage Power & Renewable Energy solutions for clients throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

For further information, please contact: Richard Tobin, Media Relations Waterford GAA  or email Suir Marketing: marketingteam@suireng.ie

Blue Monday

Nurturing a Positive Work Environment: Suir Engineering’s Commitment to Mental Health on Blue Monday

In the fast-paced world of engineering and construction, the well-being of employees often takes a backseat amidst the demanding nature of projects and deadlines. However, at Suir Engineering, we believe that our greatest asset is our people. As we acknowledge Blue Monday, dubbed as the most challenging day of the year for mental health, we are proud to shed light on our commitment to fostering a positive work environment.

Employee Assistance Programme

Suir Engineering understands that personal and professional challenges can impact an individual’s mental well-being. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is designed to provide support to our team members facing various life stressors. Whether it’s dealing with financial concerns, family issues, or personal challenges, our confidential EAP offers a range of services, including free confidential services and resources, to help our employees navigate through difficult times.

Lighthouse Club Assistance Programme

As part of our commitment to the well-being of our team, Suir Engineering is proud to be associated with the Lighthouse Club Assistance Programme. This initiative focuses on providing financial and emotional support to construction industry workers and their families facing challenging circumstances. By participating in this program, Suir Engineering aims to contribute to a broader community that values the mental health and overall welfare of those working in the construction sector.

Trained Mental Health First Aiders

Recognising the importance of immediate support in times of crisis, Suir Engineering has invested in training a dedicated team of mental health first aiders. These individuals are strategically placed at our project sites and offices, serving as a crucial point of contact for anyone in need. Trained to recognise the signs of mental distress and equipped with the skills to provide initial assistance, our mental health first aiders play a vital role in ensuring a supportive and compassionate work environment.

Promoting Open Dialogue

At Suir Engineering, we believe that addressing mental health concerns starts with open and honest communication. We encourage our employees to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. Through regular awareness campaigns, workshops, and team-building activities, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where mental health is prioritised, and stigma is dismantled.

As we observe Blue Monday, Suir Engineering reaffirms its dedication to prioritising the mental health and well-being of our employees. Our comprehensive approach, encompassing the Employee Assistance Programme, involvement in the Lighthouse Club Assistance Programme, and the presence of trained mental health first aiders, reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values everyone’s journey. By taking proactive steps and initiating meaningful conversations, Suir Engineering aims to contribute to a positive and supportive environment where our team members can thrive both personally and professionally.

If you wish to become a mental health first aider, please email wellbeing@suireng.ie.

If you would like to find out more about our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and/or Lighthouse Club Assistance Programme, please email wellbeing@suireng.ie