CIF Top 50 Announcement

Suir Engineering is delighted to be listed as one of CIF’s Top 50 Companies for 2023, where it is ranked 17th, and sixth among the top 20 specialist contractors. It is always great to announce the news since it honours the individuals, initiatives, and contractors who have transformed the Irish construction industry and demonstrates how far we have come, with nearly four decades of electrical and mechanical contracting expertise in our various sectors.

Suir Engineering received praise for cutting-edge contracting and unique solutions with in-house, adaptable resources that can deliver a high quality and consistent service for clients. While also being praised for advancing workers careers by giving the appropriate degree of training and financial aid for those who want a higher level of education that allow innovation learning and, continual progress.

Suir Engineering also received attention for experience on delivering labour so that clients’ needs are satisfied while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.  At Suir Engineering we aim to maintain the highest health and safety standards in the industry while delivering projects in accordance with client specifications. Additionally, our goal is to expand our services to include international work with a select few clients while fostering long-term connections. Along with our projects, we’re determined to invest more into our most valuable asset—our people, we are determined to produce a more diverse and skilled workforce to attract the finest and the most talented individuals.

We appreciate CIF’s acknowledgement of us and the detailed piece on Suir Engineering.

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