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The Suir Way

Succeed by delivering a Better Experience

The Suir Way is the way we work.

The Suir Way is about bringing our business together through consistent and familiar processes designed to help us continually improve.


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Why are
we doing it?

We want to continue to grow our business, develop our people, build on our reputation and provide our existing and future customers with what they value.

SUIR at every level

The Suir Way works through STRUCTURED, CONSISTENT MEETINGS at all 4 levels of the business – called TIER MEETINGS.

Succeed by Delivering a Better Experience


  • Our people are empowered to make changes to ensure a quality install through effective ways of working
  • Our people have a voice and feel empowered.
  • We have a in-built culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement.
  • Value is delivered every step of the journey. Our efficient processes deliver value.
  • We have a standard, consistent and fully integrated health, safety, environment and quality system within the business.