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United Fish Industries Killybegs Reconfiguration Project

Client United Fish Industries

Consultant PM Group

Start Date December 2014

Finish Date October 2015

Project Description

An investment by United Fish Industries (UFI) and the Pelagia Group of €30 million has seen one of the iconic fish processing plants in Killybegs, Donegal being totally redeveloped and reconstructed into one of the most modern Marine Ingredient plants in the world.

The transformation of the plant was a unique complex design and build project as it essentially involved constructing a new factory on the existing site while maintaining production throughout the project.

The rebuilt and redesigned plant now houses state of the art steam generation, production processes, waste heat evaporative capacity, computer control systems and environmental control systems that enable it to process 1200 tonnes of fish per day. Suir Engineering provided the project with complete mechanical installation services.

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Supply & Installation of all pipework and supports including; 
  • Process pipework.
  • Purified water pipework.
  • CIP pipework.
  • Process air pipework.
  • Nitrogen pipework.
  • Heat transfer fluid pipework.
  • Drainage assemblies.
  • All associated inline valves and instruments.