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Suir Engineering is delighted to have been announced as number 18 in CIF’s Top 50 companies for 2022. The announcement is always a great pleasure as it recognizes the people, projects and contractors transforming Ireland’s construction industry and shows how far we have come throughout the years. 

As part of the recognition, Suir Engineering was commended for remaining a direct-hire company in order to develop sustainable and long term relationships with employees and clients, while also ensuring employees advance their careers by getting the correct level of training including the financial aid provided for employees who wish to return to studying.

Suir Engineering was also commended for it’s digitilisation and innovation playing a key role in optimising the efficiency in the organisation. We have fostered an in-built culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement and we are dedicated to offering world-class learning and development services. Our ambitions in new technologies along with modern methods of construction allow us to realise projects faster, more efficiently, more cost-effective and above all, more transparently. As a result, we have championed sourcing and working with the greatest talent available and will continue to put our client first and provide top class solutions. 

 Thank you to CIF for our recognition and for the informative write up on Suir Engineering. 

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