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Tees Valley 2 Renewable Energy Facility

Client Air Products

Consultant Air Products

Start Date April 2015

Finish Date March 2016

Project Description

Tees Valley 2 (TV2) is Air Products’ second renewable energy-from-waste (EFW) facility in the Tees Valley, located on land adjacent to TV1. TV2 is based on the same advanced plasma gasification technology and TV1 will have a similar generating capacity.

  • Capacity of 49.9MW of renewable electricity generation. 
  • Generates electricity equivalent to the needs of up to 50,000 homes. 
  • Up to 350,000 tonnes of non-recyclable residual waste diverted from landfill.
  • Alongside Tees Valley 1, it’s the largest energy plant of it’s type to be built in the UK. 

Suir Engineering Scope of Work

Suir Engineering’s electrical scope of work for this project includes items outlined below:
  • Cable installation (includes cable pulling, laying, termination, installation in trenches, duct banks and on trays, racks.
  • Above ground earthing works.
  • Internal and external plant lighting and small power distribution.
  • Trace heating installation and testing, including distribution boards and junction boxes. 
  • Installation of substation items (transformers, earth resistors, switchgear, cabinets etc).
  • Installation of interconnection cabling and testing. 
  • Electrical connection to equipment package motors.
  • Telecomms -installation of fibre optic cable and CAT 6 data cables.
  • Installation of CCTV camera, junction boxes and cabinets.
  • Access control – installation of card readers, intercom stations and access barriers.
  • Installation of telecommunication cabinets.
  • Grounding of all cable sheaths, telecommunication cabinets and enclosures.
  • Control and Instrumentation works. 
  • Installation of Supplier packaged units, instrument control systems cabinets, field panels, process instrumentation, fire and gas detection and protection devices, above and underground cabling, earthing and bonding.