Suir Engineering Sponsors Waterford FC Boot Room

Suir Engineering Sponsors the Waterford FC Community Boot Room

Waterford FC in the Community and Suir Engineering are delighted to announce their
new partnership with the launch of ‘The Community Boot Room’. This joint venture aims
to help remove some barriers to participation in sport for young and old. Waterford FC in the Community are very aware through the work they do that there are times, for various reasons, that families may not be able to purchase a new pair of boots. There are times when boots that are too small, too big, or damaged need to be worn. As boots can be one of the more expensive items for sport, we have launched this to try and assist families when they need it. It will be based permanently in the RSC, our home ground. One thing we do ask is any donations are clean, and of good quality.

An important factor for both Suir Engineering & Waterford FC was to have the Boot Room as a community initiative, rather than just an internal one where you had to be a member of WFC or one of our supporter groups. This is to provide boots to people who need them no matter what sport they play. The next step is to build a selection of boots and we are open to donations of new or used boots from individuals, sports clubs, schools, or businesses. We have already started collections with various groups. If anyone requires any further information about the Community Boot Room, or would like to donate or organize a collection they can contact Colin Power @ You can also drop  boots into our Club Shop, where we will gratefully accept boots – both new and used.

Speaking on the launch of the Boot Room, Waterford FC Head of Community Colin Power spoke about how important the Boot Room is to have:

This is a very significant partnership with Waterford FC in the Community & Suir Engineering to launch The Community Boot Room. It’s a massive vote of confidence for what Waterford FC are trying to achieve in the community having a large long established company like Suir Engineering supporting us in this initiative. I would like to thank Paddy Byrne and all at Suir Engineering for their help and cooperation over the last few months. Although this is not a new concept, I think the fact that we are making it available to all families that need it, no matter what sport they play means it is a genuine Community initiative.”

John Kelly (CEO of Suir Engineering) was delighted to partner with Waterford FC in the Community Boot Room, commenting: 

“At Suir Engineering, we firmly believe that sports participation should be accessible to all, transcending any barriers. The Community Boot Room initiative, in partnership with Waterford FC in the Community, aligns with our commitment to physical and mental well-being. This initiative not only empowers individuals but also strengthens the fabric of our community, promoting a sense of unity. By ensuring that boots reach those in need, regardless of their chosen sport or affiliation, collectively, we drive positive change.”

For further information, please contact: Colin Power, Waterford FC,   or email Suir Marketing: